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All About Men's 100m World Record

In case you haven't been following up on the men's 100m track world record, it now stands at 9.58 seconds by Usain Bolt who has reset his own world record twice already.

Once upon a time, 10 second barrier was regarded as impossibility by human, but so many world class athletes proved the scientists wrong.   Since the barrier has been broken since 1968, 116 runners have clocked under 10 seconds up until today.

It looks to me the new barrier is now set at 9.5 seconds.  Getting to the 9 second mark just seems not possible at the current rate of progression.  It also does not seem that the current king of the track, Usain Bolt will be able to break his own record anymore.  Well, he has not done so since 2009.  We may see him running one more race during 2017, but he's been talking about his retirement since 2016.

So how fast was Bolt in term of mph which we are more familiar with?  He covered 100m distance in an avg speed of 23.35 with a peak speed of 27.79.  Pretty amazing.  I know how fast it feels to go 28 mph on a bike, and that's really unrealistic that some can reach that speed on foot.

At one point in time, Bolt was somewhat confident about breaking 9.5 second barrier.  He has been quoted as saying, "I could run a 9.4, but nobody could run a 9.2."

You can see that the trend is pretty consistence in terms of reduction in time since 1960s.  Then the most recent three world records shows big drop in time as seen in the graph above (three on the far right) were all set by Usain Bolt.  They are basically anomaly in trend, and unless we have a new star born and trained properly we may not see another world record in Mens 100M in any time soon.
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