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How your body heals after stopping smoking

This new infographic shows how the body heals itself after smoking, and it really is quite incredible to see just how fast the damage done to your health can be reversed.

Everyone knows that smoking is one of the primary causes of cancer (particularly lung cancer), but it is also responsible for a wide range of other serious diseases and illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes.

The good news for smokers is that this damage can be healed within 15 years of quitting, reducing the smokers risk of even the most serious illnesses to close to those of someone who had never smoked.

Shorter term there will be a wide range of health benefits such as improved senses (smell and taste) and clearing up of any breathing difficulties or smoking related coughs. These smaller benefits will start to be felt within days of a smoker quitting and in fact there are some benefits that will be felt within the first day.

Certainly good news for smokers and motivation for anyone thinking about quitting.
The quit smoking timeline was originally published at nicotino.

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