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Stay Hydrated And Healthy In The Gym

We all know the drill. Drink plenty of water when you go to the gym to avoid dehydration. In fact, it may be annoying, but it is actually very important. It is rare that we drink enough water in our normal everyday lives (8-10 glasses is recommended) but it can be much worse if you don’t drink whilst you’re working out.

Hidden Germs

While it may seem the perfect solution to install a water fountain in a gym for everyone to get their water, if you dig a little deeper, we begin to see some cracks appearing. And the problem is germs. Having tested a whole range of public areas (including public toilets) the National Sanitation Foundation found that the number one place for bacteria is a public water fountain.

Not only is it the spout that beautifully nurtures those nasty little germs, but also the button that you press.

Some people put their whole mouth over the spout, some people spit into the sink, some people put the part of their bottle that they drink from on the spout of a fountain or pushing mechanism of a water cooler.

And that’s not counting the button. Sweaty hands which have been touching the same gym equipment as thousands of others pressed that button just before you. Think about how many of these people didn’t wash their hands after using the toilet or using public transport. And all of these germs can be transferred into your drinking water!

“Ah, but I only fill up my bottle from the fountain”, I hear you cry. Unfortunately this doesn’t make you safe from potentially harmful bacteria. The germs can be in the spout of the fountain and therefore transferred into the water which you are about to guzzle.

What to do?

Well, the answer is simple, bring your own water. It may seem like a waste of money to buy a new bottle every time that you go to the gym, but in terms of sanitation and your health, it is worth it. You can always refill it at home, but remember not to re-fill it from the water cooler or fountain at the gym!
If you are going to refill your bottle from home, remember to give it a good wash each day, preferably when you get home from the gym. A water bottle can easily become contaminated just because it hasn’t been cleaned properly.

It is also important that if you bring your own bottle of water, that you don’t share it with others. That defeats the point. Some gyms do now get their water from water cooler suppliers that provide hygenic solutions.

A gym typically is a paradise for germs and bacteria as it is generally warm and sweaty. It is important to make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after a workout, take a shower, regularly wash your gym bag and equipment and use something on your feet in the shower.
Going to the gym should be an experience to make you healthier, not to pick up germs and infections and get ill. So get that water bottle clean, avoid the fountain and go and get healthy!
Mike Baily Griffiths is the National Accounts Manager of the UK’s leading water cooler supplier, CoolerAid, and has over 20 years’ experience in the water cooler market.
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