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How Fish Oil Can Make You Stronger and Leaner

Fish oil high in omega-3 fatty acid is not only for lowering your bad cholesterol and increasing the level of HDL (good cholesterol)  in your body.

Among the list of benefits fish oil can provide, let's look at some of the items that are on the top of the list.  The fat from fish oil is used to build the outside lipid (fat) layer that can protects your cells. Unlike other type of fats, omega-3 will help you increase the metabolism in your body and improve the activity of insulin.

In a recent study, healthy subjects were given 4 grams of fish oil or the same dose of safflower oil (an omega-6 fat) for 6 weeks.  The result was nothing short of mind-blowing. The participants who took the fish oil significantly lost body fat and increased muscle mass even without exercise.

Additionally, the participants in the study had a lowered level of the stress hormone cortisol after taking fish oil.  Cortisol is proven to be linked to gaining of fat, high level of stress and degradation of muscle.

Fish oil is anabolic for humans as well. A study that gave middle-age adults 4 grams of fish oil a day found that it increased protein synthesis, producing a significant muscle building effect. Muscle mass increased by 2 percent, however, due to the small study population, researchers didn’t measure changes in body composition.
Fish oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which is a principal reason it helps you lose fat. First, we saw in the study mentioned in number #1 that the people who took 4 grams/day of fish oil had lower cortisol at the end of the study. Anytime cortisol is unnecessarily elevated it causes inflammation and has a protein degrading effect that causes muscle and lean tissue loss.

Essential fats such as omega-3 cannot be produced by youir own body—they must be eaten—and it must have them for optimal function.

So how would you consume this magical oil to improve your health?  You can, of course, eat lots of fresh fish that are known to contain high level of omega-3 such as wild salmon, Artic char or Atlantic mackerel.  Another easy options is to take high quality omega-3 pills made from these fish.

Check out some of the reputable high quality omega-3 fish oils with the highest ratings:

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