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The First Smart Fall Prevention Shoes by ISRAEL21c

"B-Shoes" by ISRAEL21c is still in a prototype stage, but this can revolutionize the industry if it actually works well as intended.  I can see the potential market of such shoes is huge.

Falls are a leading cause of mortal injury among seniors. In 2010, the direct cost of medical services for injuries caused by falls among persons aged 65 and over in the U.S. totaled $30 billion. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia suspects this figure will nearly double, to $55 billion, in 2020, due to greater longevity and aging baby boomers.

How does the B-Shoe work? Its sole has a system of sensors and an electro-mechanical mechanism that can move the shoe backward.

An algorithm identifies the situation of the shoe wearer – walking, sitting, standing. The sensors measure how the person's weight is distributed, and how the pressure between the front and back parts of the foot is distributed. The information is then processed by a microprocessor built into the shoe.

When the system detects that the center of the wearer’s balance is suddenly being transferred behind his or her heels in the course of standing or walking very slowly, it goes into action. The mechanism, which is embedded in each shoe, helps the wearer to take the necessary backward step to prevent a fall.

Six years ago, B-Shoe began developing this prototype with support from the Office of the Chief Scientist, and continued in a Haifa startup incubator.

“We built prototypes of shoes that can save lives,” Stamper tells ISRAEL21c. Three pairs of B-Shoes being tested in gait laboratories of leading Israeli hospitals have an internal processor and real-time clock that collects user data to share with the doctor.

No special training or adjustment period is required. The company is planning to add another important feature: a communication device built into the shoe that could summon emergency assistance in the event of a fall.
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