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Dietary Supplement Use on the Rise in America

A new study by Ipsos Public Affairs for the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) found that dietary supplement use by US adults is more prevalent than previous studies from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) have indicated.

Ipsos conducted five years of online market research to gather the data described in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Overall, the results revealed that supplement use, as reported by participants responding to CRN surveys in 2007-2011, ranged from 64 to 69 percent. The number of participants who reported “regular” use ranged from 48 to 53 percent, which was equivalent to the overall prevalence reported in NHANES. In the CRN surveys, regular users were asked whether they used a variety of products or only a multivitamin.

Over the study period, the number of regular users who reported using a variety of supplements increased, while the number using only a multivitamin decreased. By the final year of the study, 2011, twice as many participants who identified themselves as regular supplement users said they used a variety of products than those who used only a multivitamin. The most common reasons given for using a variety of products were “overall health and wellness” and “to fill nutrient gaps in the diet.”

This could mean that the vast majority of people in America is at the mercy of private companies producing all types of supplement pills.  Los Angeles Times, for instance, reported last week about the danger of such product sold under the name of "OxyElite Pro"

Apparently this product is making people sick even after the Hawaii Department of Health was alerted more than a year ago about seven cases of acute hepatitis and liver failure cases among users of this product.

This is the summary of findings from the research:

  • The percentage of respondents who had used supplements fluctuated between 64-69% over the 5 years
  • Regular supplement use ranged from 48-53% - which is closer to that reported by NHANES
  • When regular users were asked if they took a variety of supplements or just a multivitamin, the proportion who said they used a variety went up over the 5-year period (from 28-36%), while the proportion who said they just took a multivitamin fell (from 24-17%)
  • The main reason respondents gave for using dietary supplements were for "overall health and wellness," and "to fill nutrient gaps in the diet."

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