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Google Smartwatch - More Details Unveiled

As smartphone and tablet market has matured and prices drop with heavy competition, tech giants are getting ready to switch into full gear with wearable gadget products, notably smartwatches.

Google, the creator of Android OS, surely doesn't want to be left out in the race to dominate smartwatch market even though they may have started off a little later than some of its competitors.

Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Sony SmartWatch 2 have already hit the market and have shown that whilst there is clearly demand for these wearable smart devices the finished article hasn't always lived up to the hype.

Google-owned Motorola has filed a new patent application with the USPTO (US Patent Office) for a smartwatch-like device featuring not only a flexible screen, but also a flexible body.

The device concept featured in the patent application looks similar to a metallic watch strap made of links and grips that would bend the display. So, the display would also bend along with the strap.

The patent was originally filed on June 19, 2012, and as per the abstract accompanying the filing, Motorola describes it as "an electronic device and method with flexible display."

Google Smart Watch release date

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google's Smartwatch release date could be just a few months away with the company already well advanced in the manufacturing stages.

Google Smart Watch specs

The same source that spoke to the WSJ has also reported that the new Google Watch will come running a version of Android (perhaps the same version that's on Glass?), whilst the software will be focused around Google Now.

Google Now is, at present, Google's voice-controlled answer to Apple's Siri. By speaking at smartphones like the Moto G and the Nexus 5 you can ask Google to perform any number of tasks from enter calendar entries to searching for recipes.

It would certainly make sense to implement voice-control into Google's smartwatch however whether it'll offer the same functionality seen on Google Glass remains to be seen.

Google Smart Watch features

Interestingly Google recently acquired WIMM a company that has been working specifically on creating an Android Smart Watch and did in fact make several working prototypes. The watch offered open-source programming which meant anyone could write apps for it, much in the same way that Android operates on tablet and smartphone.

Rumours have pointed towards the Google watch running Android 4.4 KitKat after it was revealed that the latest version of Android had now been optimised to run as smoothly on low power devices as on flagship smartphones.

Design will also play a major part in how consumers feel towards the idea of a Google Smart Watch. A senior analyst at Forrester Research, Sarah Rottman Epps spoke to CNET and believes that if Google is to succeed in this area it'll need to move away from the bulky smart watches we've seen so far.

"Smartwatches are big, honking ugly devices, and I have yet to see one that a woman would ever wear, for Google's watch to succeed, it needs to not only show it's a software company, but that it's a first class hardware company."

Stay tuned for more updates!
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